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Getting all excited about planning your next road trip, but at the same time not knowing how to pull it off without the rush and chaos that quite often accompany the process?

Thinking of Croatia but would love to have the first-hand info of an experienced and reliable insider?

Great, you are already on the right track. Probably wondering who are the people standing behind the Croatia Camper brand?

Well, we are two brothers, Robert & Goran Šerić, born and raised in Split, Croatia. Croatia Camper is the result of our personal lifestyle and professional ethics joint in a successful family business.
As we do what we really like, know, and believe in, our mission of providing nothing less but a perfect service for a memorable self-drive holiday became possible.

Goran and Robert at Caravan Salon 2019, Düsseldorf

Since we own and operate a family business and have families on our own, we have family values that lead us and inspire us all the way. From the moment we’ve started our business, we’ve had one thought in mind: Let’s give people what we would like to have for ourselves. And, naturally, we want it all: safe, reliable, on time, and 100% enjoyable!

Both of us enjoy self-drive vacation ourselves and know what it takes to make it all work smoothly. We’ve explored every single corner of Croatia and the entire Balkan area, detecting the genuinely countless possibilities.

The Safe stay in Croatia label indicates that we guarantee compliance with and implement current health and safety recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

We’ve started when a self-drive vacation was still a novelty in our county and region, making us pioneers who made it thanks to our enthusiasm. We know there are so many people over there that enjoy this type of traveling as much as we do and that Croatia and the whole Balkan region are an undiscovered paradise for camper-lovers!

Both of us are enthusiastic motorcycle drivers, and we use much of our free time to ride motorcycles. That is also one of the reasons we know the Balkans region so well, too. There’s somebody we know in a 50 kilometers radius from anywhere in this region. That makes it possible for us to have the best advice and tips for your holiday. And friendly support in case of any emergency.

Both of us are Suzuki V-Strom drivers (1000 and 650 ccm) for a long time

We brew our own beer and grow organic vegetables and fruits at our village house close to Split. Having a small place to go and rest away from the city always gives us a new perspective on things. Speaking about the perspective, both of us like photography and take our cameras and drones wherever we go. You never know where you will get that perfect shot…

Two Brothers APA 🙂
The organic garden we are growing for our families.

Although we have so many interests and activities and a business to run, the family is what is most essential for us. We spend a lot of time together, and that is the reason we approach every client in a way we would like to be contacted and do whatever is possible to make the trip flawless.

More than 600 happy clients over more than 8 years now make us feel confident that our adventure, called Croatia Camper, goes in the right direction.

We would be happy to have you “on board” to help you experience the best aspects of a self-traveled holiday in our beautiful county and the surrounding region. So if your thoughts are already somewhere on the Croatian coast enjoying untouched nature and breathtaking sunsets of the clear blue Adriatic, give us a call and share it with us.

Let’s make your vision come true together.

You can reach us any time at

Robert & Goran Šerić

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