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The COVID-19 disease pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus has prompted everyone in the world to think more about the importance of cleaning the spaces and vehicles they use, as well as ways to improve it.

From the very beginning, Croatia Camper paid great attention to the quality of the cleaning of our campers. We did this because we are aware that the cleanliness of the camper is the first and often the essential impression we will make on our clients.

The Safe stay in Croatia label indicates that we guarantee compliance with and implement current health and safety recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

Each camper we take from our previous client is first brought to the car wash for thorough washing and cleaning on the outside. Washing is performed in specialized car wash using the highest quality detergents following environmental standards, which is vital to us.

After the camper has been washed externally, the condition of the tires and all necessary fluids in the engine is checked to ensure that the camper is technically correct for future use. The air conditioners in all of our campers are equipped with filters that are regularly checked and changed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. However, we recommend that air conditioners are used with the fresh air supply from the outside of the vehicle, which is a standard-setting in our campers from the beginning.

In the next step, an outsourced company specialized in (our partner from the beginning) begins cleaning the interior of the camper. First, the linen and utensils used in the previous rental are taken out of the camper to be washed. The vacuum cleaner then thoroughly cleans the camper so that it is ready for the last cleaning phase. It consists of cleaning all surfaces in the camper with the highest quality cleaning agents to ensure the best effect.

An additional step and cleaning method agreed for this year is the cleaning of all surfaces in the camper with alcohol-based disinfectants that provide the best results. That applies especially to all surfaces used in the preparation and storage of food. Of course, great care will be taken to clean all the control surfaces in the camper, dashboard, steering wheel, and everything else that is often touched.

All seats and mattresses will also be cleaned with alcohol-based cleaners that are effective in cleaning and vaporize in a short time so that they do not leave a damp surface on which bacteria and viruses can develop.

Bedding and utensils (if included in the rental) are put into the camper after the cleaning is over to ensure they are clean and ready for a new lease.

Only after we place the linen and utensils in the camper, the camper is ready for the next client. Upon returning from the lease, we do it all over again. Since we have prepared all our campers in the same way from the beginning, we have quickly adapted to the new business conditions and the desire of our guests to place a greater focus on cleaning the campers. The only addition we have introduced, in collaboration with our partners, is the special disinfection of all the surfaces in the camper to ensure that we minimize the possible spread of the virus.

We can proudly say that none of our guests has ever had any objection to the cleanliness of our campers. That tells us that the way we did things from the beginning was right, and that is how we should continue.