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Being in the campervan and motorhome rental business in Croatia and surrounding countries for over ten years brought many exciting problems along the way.

As the campervan rental industry in Croatia did not exist at that time, and the existing service and support network for campervans and motorhomes was practically non-existent, we had to work on our own and build our expertise in the best possible way, learning from our own mistakes.

Along with our resources, knowledge, and experience, we have created an extensive and high-quality network of partners in the region. We offer a complete campervan and motorhome support and service, along with the sale of spare parts and supplements for all vehicle brands, through our partners, REIMO and Movera.

The services we offer are the following:


Technical Support

Whether you are in your own or rented vehicle, things sometimes stop working, which can often be a problem in the camper.

We have all been there; the tap or the water pump stops working, or the fridge stops cooling, the gas cooker stops working all of a sudden, wind gust break the window or awning…

Often, the problem you have can be easily solved, but you do not have the broken part or tool you need. A trusted partner who can come to help you at that moment is invaluable.

Experience with our campers and countless vehicles we have helped in the last ten years is a guarantee that we will solve your problem, no matter how serious.


Roadside assistance

Problems often happen while you are on the road; whether it is the engine failure, a punctured tire, or a collision, it is essential to act as fast and as accurately as possible.

Along with our roadside support service, we have many partners in the region from various branches, ensuring any problem can be solved in the shortest term.

Based on your current location and the type of failure or problem you have, we send you the closest partner to assist you, considering your vehicle’s dimensions, travel direction, and many other parameters.

There are many other things to consider; the vehicle size is a limiting factor as many vehicle workshops can not work on a large vehicle; car electricians often do not do well in campervans, which are more apartments than cars.

Because of all this, fast and accurate reactions are of great importance when you are stuck on a road with a faulty vehicle.


Service and maintenance

Whether it comes to failures or regular service intervals, you can contact us with confidence. Your vehicle will be inspected and serviced by the experts we cooperate for more than ten years.


Equipment and accessories

Besides the above services, we are also a sales point for campervan and motorhome equipment and accessories.
We offer a complete assortment of REIMO and Movera, the largest suppliers of campervan and motorhome spare parts, equipment, and accessories in Europe.

Besides items we have in stock, any order is possible via e-mail and soon through our online store.