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Security deposit explained

The reason you must provide a security deposit is that it helps us keep our vehicles in top-notch condition and to maintain the high level of service we aim to deliver to our clients.

Goran Šerić
Written by Goran Šerić Last Revised: January 08, 2019

All of our campers have fully comprehensive insurance with a franchise. That means that there is an amount of possible damage which is not covered by the insurance company. That is usually a fraction of the full price of the vehicle, and in our case, the amount which is not covered by the insurance company is set at 2700,00 EURO.

That means that all of the damages that sum up to 2700, 00 EURO have to be covered from the security deposit. The insurance company covers only the damages above the 2700,00 EURO which means that if the damage is greater than 2700,00 EURO the insurance company will cover the difference between the actual damage and the 2700,00 EURO.

We have two security deposit options which can be provided by credit card or cash on vehicle pickup:

  1. 2700,00 EURO security deposit if you do not choose to include 15 EURO/day CDW insurance
  2. 1350,00 EURO security deposit if you choose to include 15 EURO/day CDW insurance which can be selected as an extra item when you edit your rental details

We want to point out that all of the damages we have had on our campers were scratches, broken rear bumpers or parts of the interior, broken windows, awnings, etc.

All of those damages were a result of a lack of attention or negligence by the driver or the others in the camper. Every one of those accidents could be averted if the driver had some help from the others while driving in a tight space (which is a common situation in any campsite). That is the reason we advise all of our clients that they assist the driver in navigating the confined spaces and avoid narrow streets and passages.

The best situation we have is when the camper is returned to us undamaged. That way we can refund the security deposit to you immediately, and we don’t have to worry about the repairs and the situation of having to explain to the next clients why we have delivered a damaged camper to them (which is even worse for us).

If the security deposit is provided in cash on pickup, we will immediately return it to you on drop-off if there are no damages to the vehicle.

If it is provided by credit card, it may take up to 10 days before it gets refunded to your credit card and that depends on how fast the credit card company will process our request for a refund.