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Follow these simple steps to book your camper online:

  1. Check out our campers, camper prices and available discount options.
  2. Send your inquiry about the vehicle you would like to rent. Our online calculator will immediately provide you with the rental cost, which is the final fee (without any hidden or additional costs).
    The only extra cost that might arise is the charge for money transfer if you choose bank transfer as payment method. There are no service fees for credit card and PayPal.
  3. As soon as we receive your inquiry, we will let you know if your preferred vehicle is available. If so, we will send you a confirmation note that your vehicle is available for booking.
    Otherwise, we will offer you an alternative van that also meets your requests (such as capacity etc.). In case we do not have any available vehicles at the moment of your inquiry, we will check with our partners to see if they might have some that would suit your preferences.
  4. If the vehicle is available, and you want to proceed with the booking process, the next step is to arrange all the details of your rental (date and place of takeover and return together with all the additional information that might interest you, etc.).
    Then we will send you the payment details and keep your chosen vehicle ”locked” (unavailable to other clients) for 3 business days (workdays), which will give us enough time to register 50% of the total payment amount (bank transfer). Credit card and PayPal transfers are confirmed immediately.
  5. Upon confirmation of the payment, we will send you our Rental Agreement and voucher with all the additional information concerning the rental.
    Please note that all the details of the rental may be subject to change until the rental actually takes place.
  6. Three weeks before the rental takes place, we will send you a notification regarding the payment of the remaining 50% deposit. Upon confirmation of the payment, we will send you the invoice and confirmation that the total amount has been paid.
  7. As with any kind of travel, you should always count in buffer time. Even when you plan your trip with utmost attention to detail, there is always possibility of complications or delays such as traffic jams, flight delays etc.
    This is why we will stay in touch with you throughout the entire day of your arrival via email or text message (SMS). Text messages are usually the best notification solution to keep you updated with all the current information (status, events, occurances).
  8. Once you take over the vehicle, please feel free to contact us if you might have any questions or in case of any emergency – we are at your service 24/7.
  9. Please note that we can communicate in Croatian and english only and that the ability to understand our instructions when we deliver the camper to you is paramount.
    We reserve the right to not deliver the vehicle to anyone we deem unfit to operate it.

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