The ultimate campervan route; Croatia, Balkan countries, Tuscany, the Alps, Slovenia

February 27, 2019 by Goran Šerić

By now everyone knows about Croatia and its beauty. For a long time, Croatia was one of the worlds best-kept secret, but now it is a place to go.

But did you know that Croatia is also an excellent starting point for exploring Balkan countries, the Alps, and Italy? And can you imagine the better way to do that than driving your way through some of the world’s most beautiful places behind the steering wheel of one of the best campervans you can imagine?

Croatia is a beautiful country, and it alone can be your destination for as long as you desire, but if you are roaming soul, and want to see as much as possible, Croatia is also a great starting point for nearby countries.
It has excellent road connections in any direction you choose, ferry connection to Italy, and the airports are connected with all major European airline hubs. During the tourist season, there are also direct connections with cities like Dubai or Philadelphia, hopefully with more to come soon.

Split, Croatia
Split, hometown of Croatia Camper

Renting a camper from our Split or Zagreb depot or Dubrovnik (our pickup and dropoff point), put you in a great place, with only limit being the time you want to spend traveling. Whatever your interest might be, you will find a way to please you.

Buckle your seat belt, here we go. We give you the ultimate 3-4 weeks campervan route that includes Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia 🙂 Maybe you will scratch a few more countries on your way.

First thing first, Croatian coast and islands, with numerous centuries-old cities and villages area destination hard to beat. You will fall in love with its stone paved streets, dating back to the Roman times, hidden beaches and food and wine that is hard to forget.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Places like Split, Dubrovnik, Korčula, island Hvar, island Vis, Pelješac, Plitvice lakes, to name a few, they will blow your mind.

Driving down to Dubrovnik brings you close to neighboring countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia) and numerous places worth visiting when you are nearby.

Magical Mostar and its surroundings, charming Sarajevo where east meets west, astounding Skopje, mystical Skull Tower in Nis, Serbia, Morača canyon in Montenegro. A plethora of options for the adventurous mind.

Did we mention the food at all of these places? Yeah, we will not tell much because it is hard to describe, it leaves you speechless so you will have to trust us and come over to taste it.
Some of the best olive oils and red wines in the world are produced over here. This area is the homeland of sheep cheese (and some of the world best cheeses are made in this region, like paški sir from the island of Pag, Croatia or Pecorino in Tuscany, Italy). Seafood over here tastes like nowhere in the world (and believe me, I have tried, and I have eaten a lot :D), barbecue, fruit, and vegetables picked in front of you… Yes, places like this are real, and there are plenty of them over here.

Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany, Italy

When you feel like you have spent enough time in heaven on earth, you can take the night ferry from Split to Ancona Italy and have breakfast in the middle of Tuscany, in beautiful Pienza, overlooking the breathtaking Val d’Orcia and its hilltop towns and villages.

Get lost for a couple of days between the medieval Tuscan cities and enjoy Chianti and Pecorino, right at the place of their origin.

Drive your way through magical cities like Siena, Florence or Verona towards Milano or Venice and continue driving north, towards the Alps and its magnificent peaks, valleys, glaciers, and passes. Places like Matterhorn, Lauterbrunnen, and Grossglockner should be on anyone’s bucket list.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Take your time while driving through the Alps and enjoy the magnificent views on your way back to Croatia. There are so many magical places in front of you such as Hallstatt, Lake Bled or Plitvice Lakes.

Remember the camper we have mentioned earlier?
Well, for this trip we recommend Adria Twin Supreme 600 SPB from our fleet, because of its dimensions (5,99 m) that make is very maneuverable on curvy roads and other features, such as Sky-roof where the double panoramic window brings in light and a whole new feeling of space and the new Sky-lounge with cabin-loft design adding headroom and space. It is a perfect car for the magnificent roads and views on the route, waiting for you.

Adria Twin Supreme 600 SPB
Adria Twin Supreme 600 SPB

If you need a camper for more persons, check our campers for rent page and find the perfect camper for you.

Have in mind that we offer one-way rentals, which gives you the opportunity to return the camper on any location you desire. Read more about this option on our FAQ page.

Also, feel free to contact us for any question you might have. We can help you in preparing the perfect route for your holiday, depending on your interests.

Stay tuned. We will be updating this route idea with lots of detailed info.


This looks like a great way to visit these countries. For a three week holiday roughly how much would it cost for rental, fuel and camping fees and one way drop off fee.

Hi Bevan, thank you for your interest.
As you have said, having a campervan to roam around is indeed a great way to visit this area. Especially paired with an excellent vehicle such as Adria Twin Supreme 600 SPB from our fleet and that is the reason why we have recommended it.
Regarding the cost of a journey like this, it should stay below 5500 EURO for the 3-week rental starting June 15th (essential extras and long term rental discounts included ), fuel (about 4000 km), highway tolls, ferry fees from Split to Ancona (campervan + 2 persons) and camping fees for 3 weeks.
I haven’t included the one-way rental option, but it is easy to calculate to any location you desire. Just get the distance from that location to Split, Croatia using Google Maps and multiply it by 0,75 (transfer fee per kilometer in EURO).
I think it is money well spent for a once in the lifetime adventure 🙂
FYI, you can use our Rental price calculator to get the camper rental cost with extras and discounts included.
Let me know if you need any other information.

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