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Dubrovnik is undoubtedly the most famous city in Croatia. The main reason for its fame is the Old City walls that encircle the city in length of 1940 meters and are one of the most preserved city walls in the world.

Croatia Camper is #1 campervan and motorhome rental specialist in Croatia and neighboring countries.

We have bases in two largest Croatian cities, the capital Zagreb and the largest port in the Adriatic Sea, Split, where is our headquarter located. Croatia Camper is offering one-way rentals to and from all Croatian airports and many cities in neighboring countries.

For the longest part of its long history, Dubrovnik has been a republic with the ruler being chosen for one month to prevent it from becoming a tyrant and neglecting the city’s interests.
Until 1808. when it was conquered by Napoleon’s army, Dubrovnik had one of the largest merchant fleets in the Mediterranean. That made the city grow from a small village to an important trade center.

Today, Dubrovnik is the most visited city in Croatia and you should visit it when you come to Croatia.
If you come to Dubrovnik during the cruiser ship season (April to October), you have to be prepared to be there many thousands of people at the same time. That can sometimes be overwhelming so you should try to avoid weekends in Dubrovnik because that is the time most cruise ships dock in Dubrovnik.

Once you arrive in Dubrovnik, you should take a couple of days to visit some of the small towns that are situated close to Dubrovnik. Cavtat, Slano, Trsteno or the region of Konavle are worth the time spent there whether you want to do sightseeing, enjoy food and drinks or just swim in the sea. There are lots of campsites in any of those places so finding the right place for your stay shouldn’t be a problem.



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Our usual pickup and dropoff point is Dubrovnik airport and it is the most convenient and the only place where we can have enough space and time without disturbing the traffic. Once you choose the campsite, you should forget about the campervan because the streets in Dubrovnik are not “campervan friendly”.

The small number of parking lots is not suited for large vehicles so you should use the public transport system (local bus company “Libertas”) or UBER to get to where you want to go.

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With Croatia Camper, you can enjoy absolute confidence when traveling as your vehicle is part of Croatia’s most modern fleet which is regularly serviced and maintained to the highest industry standard.

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