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Europe is on everyone's travel wish list, working out the best way to visit Europe can be a huge headache. We're here to help.

Croatia Camper is #1 campervan and motorhome rental specialist in Croatia and neighboring countries.

We have bases in two largest Croatian cities, the capital Zagreb and the largest port in the Adriatic Sea, Split, where is our headquarter located. Croatia Camper is offering one-way rentals to and from all Croatian airports and many cities in neighboring countries.

By now, everyone knows about Croatia and its beauty. For a long time, Croatia was one of the world’s best-kept secret, but now it is a place to go.

But did you know that Croatia is also an excellent starting point for exploring Balkan countries, the Alps, and Italy? And can you imagine the better way to do that than driving your way through some of the world’s most beautiful places behind the steering wheel of one of the best campervans you can imagine?

Croatia is a beautiful country, and it alone can be your destination for as long as you desire, but if you are roaming soul, and want to see as much as possible, Croatia is also a great starting point for nearby countries.
It has excellent road connections in any direction you choose, ferry connection to Italy, and the airports are connected with all major European airline hubs. During the tourist season, there are also direct connections with cities like Dubai or Philadelphia, hopefully with more to come soon.

Renting a camper from our Split or Zagreb depot or Dubrovnik (our pickup and dropoff point), put you in a great place, with only limit being the time you want to spend traveling. Whatever your interest might be, you will find a way to please you.

If you decide to go that way, you have numerous countries right in front of you, including Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia 🙂 Maybe you will scratch a few more countries on your way.

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We have depots in Split and Zagreb, but we deliver the vehicles to all international airports in Croatia and neighboring countries. Other pickup and dropoff locations are available on request.

Campervans and motorhomes for rent

With Croatia Camper, you can enjoy absolute confidence when traveling as your vehicle is part of Croatia’s most modern fleet which is regularly serviced and maintained to the highest industry standard.

Why you should consider Croatia as your starting point for Europe holiday?

Some interesting facts about Croatia and a few reasons why you should consider starting your journey from here.

Excellent geographical position

Situated between the Alps, the Pannonian basin and the Adriatic sea, Croatia is an excellent gateway between Central Europe and the Mediterranean.

Croatia is at the same time a Central European, Mediterranean and Balkan country, and owing to both its geographical position and its turbulent history, it is culturally very diverse.


Roads in Croatia are ranked among best in the world

Whether you are looking into a way to drive around Croatia, or visit other countries starting from Croatia, you will have no problem in getting to your destination. Excellent roads and motorways that connect Croatia with Central and West Europe, the Balkans and towards Greece and Turkey are available from any popular location in no time.

Among 137 countries, Croatia, with an average rating of 5.5, shared with Denmark, Oman, Germany, Spain, Qatar, Sweden, and Luxembourg, is ranked 13th in the world ranking of the best road infrastructure.

Aside from being of a great standard, the roads in Croatia are a dream to drive. The most picturesque route in Croatia is the Adriatic road which connects Rijeka and Dubrovnik. Some people compare this road to the famous Highway 1 between San Francisco and just south of Los Angeles in California.* We dare to say that ours is prettier!



Excellent airport connections

There are 6 international airports in Croatia with scheduled flights. The biggest airport in Croatia is Dubrovnik (DBV) / Dubrovnik Airport with flights to 72 destinations in 26 countries. Most major airlines are flying in and out of Croatia.


Excellent ferry connection with Italy

With daily ferry connections to Italy, you can kickstart your journey to a different level.

When you feel like you have spent enough time in Croatia and the Balkans, you can take the night ferry from Split or Zadar to Ancona in Italy and have breakfast in the middle of Tuscany, in beautiful Pienza, overlooking the breathtaking Val d’Orcia and its hilltop towns and villages.

Get lost for a couple of days between the medieval Tuscan cities and enjoy Chianti and Pecorino, right at the place of their origin.

Drive your way through magical cities like Siena, Florence or Verona towards Milano or Venice and continue driving north, towards the Alps and its magnificent peaks, valleys, glaciers, and passes. Places like Matterhorn, Lauterbrunnen, and Grossglockner should be on anyone’s bucket list.

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Interested in renting a camper for your holiday in Europe?

Calculate your camper rental cost within a minute and send us availability inquiry. No credit card details required.

* By clicking "Get a quote", I agree to the Terms and Conditions